The Why

The Why

Today, unfortunately, Christianity is in a situation in which there are several training programs with very little long-term personal investment beyond the programs. Many young adults find themselves in an ever-evolving complex society, filled with a minefield of hot-button issues such as social justice, LGBT+ relations, internal church issues. Even if these values are addressed, there is a lack of biblical substance behind the approaches. Many young adults find themselves journeying through the ups and downs of the Christian experience within a judgmental spiritual community, emotionally suffocated due to the lack of a safe space to question, struggle, and grow. Lastly, the church seems to fail to invest in and call for the whole person in its messages, programming, and outreaches.

Purpose statement

The purpose of this online christian mentorship program is to facilitatea formal-informal association between mentors and mentees in a biblical, authentic, thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal, professional, and spiritual Potential.


The hope in turn is that God would use this program to nurture and make you an agent of change in your home, workplace, and local community. To eventually become a leader and influencer in the aforementioned areas. To live up to our motto:

What I can be, I must be.

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